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NLCS Game 6: Must-see story lines with Dodgers-Cardinals series on the line

By xa1
  • Here's a radical idea. Let's stop talking about this insane, blown-way-out-of-proportion nonsense about the St. Louis Cardinals way (painted as stodgy guardians) vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers way (painted as the fun-loving, devil-may-care team).Both caricatures are only loosely rooted in truth. And this garbage about some vast gap between the fans in St. Louis and the fans in Los Angeles? Baloney. This is true lowest common denominator stuff here, folks. Tonight is Game 6. Tonight, we're going to be treated to an incredible pitching matchup between L.A. ace Clayton Kershaw, who has a 0.47 ERA in the playoffs, and St. Louis rookie Michael Wacha, who has a 0.64 ERA in October.MORE: First pitch 8:37 ET | Mouse ears issue | ALCS goes to Game 6 Isn't that enough? It definitely should be, but here are six other legitimate storylines for Game 6 tonight at Busch Stadium.1. What will the Dodgers get out of their banged-up stars? Hanley Ramirez is hampered by the rib injury from being drilled by a Joe Kelly fastball in Game 1, and Andre Ethier's ankle isn't 100 percent. Ethier is hitting .176 in the series and his range in center field is painfully limited.If Ramirez, especially, has been significantly helped by the day off, health-wise, that's a huge boost for the Dodgers. He hit .345 in the regular season and .500 in the NLDS against the Braves — with six extra-base hits and six RBIs in those four games — but is batting .167 with a pair of singles against the Cardinals.2. T[......]

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