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Everson Griffen says he will apologize to Kirk Cousins for calling him 'ass'

By xa1
  • NFL American Football After signing a one-year deal to return to the Vikings on Monday, four-time Pro Bowl defensive end Everson Griffen said he learned that “the grass wasn’t greener” during his 2020 season away from the team, in which he signed with the Cowboys and was subsequently traded to the Lions mid-season. Griffen, who spent the first 10 years of his career with Minnesota, said he is now “happy to be home.” But that doesn’t mean he is free from the mess he left behind.  In January, Griffen tweeted at the Vikings organization and said, “(Starting quarterback) Kirk Cousins is ass. Thank you”. He followed it with a pair of disparaging tweets in which he tried to indicate that Vikings coach Mike Zimmer did not want Cousins on the team (he signed during the offseason in 2018). Speaking to reporters, Everson Griffen said he will apologize to Kirk Cousins for tweeting this in January. Griffen says he already apologized to Mike Zimmer. pic.twitter.com/FTIQ1lrqX5— Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) August 23, 2021Yikes.  MORE: When are NFL roster cuts in 2021?Asked about his mini-diatribe against his starting quarterback on Monday afternoon, Griffen said he would soon apologize to Cousins and had already spoken with Zimmer and Vikings general manager Rick Spielman about the matter. Everson Griffen is back with the #Vikings. Here[......]

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