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Yasiel Puig swings plenty, hits plenty as data show different trends for hitters and pitchers

By xa1
  • Yasiel Puig has been in the major leagues for one year, and given that the Dodgers outfielder, who leads in the National League All-Star vote, is occasionally called The Wild Horse, it may come as a surprise that his command of the strike zone is not all that dissimilar to that of famously patient White Sox slugger Adam Dunn.Puig swings the bat more often than Dunn — on 45.3 percent of pitches this season compared to 37.3 percent — but he also makes contact on a higher percentage of his swings, 74.1 compared to 71.8. Both do their share of swinging and missing — 10.4 percent of pitches to Dunn result in swinging strikes, 10.9 percent of pitches to Puig do. What is most striking, though, is the similarity in what they do with balls inside and outside the strike zone. Because he swings more, Puig has higher percentages of pitches swung at both in the zone and out – 70.8 percent and 27.7 percent, compared to 65.0 percent and 17.1 percent for Dunn. When it comes to making contact, their differentials are nearly dead even. Puig gets the bat to 85.7 percent of the strikes he swings at, and 53.7 percent of the balls he chases. Dunn’s percentages are 80.7 percent and 47.1 percent — that’s a 32-point differential for Puig, and a 33-point differential for Dunn.Those rates land both men very close together on a plot of swing and contact differetials in and out of the strike zone. Between them is another heavy hitter, Astros rookie George Springer. Hardly anyone would ever th[......]

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