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Three weeks separated contenders from pretenders in the NL East

By xa1
  • At the end of games on June 20, the NL East was a bit crowded.The Atlanta Braves were in first place by a half-game over the Washington Nationals and a full game over the Miami Marlins with a 38-35 record. The New York Mets were in last place, just five-and-a-half games out of first place and two games back of the fourth-place Philadelphia Phillies. Three weeks later, the division has a very different feel. The Braves still sit atop the East, a game-and-a-half ahead of the Nationals, but the Marlins are seven games out, the Mets are 10 games back and the Phillies are 11 behind the Braves. Those last three teams combined to go 12-27 over that stretch.That's a pretty quick dispersal. So what happened? "Miami, despite an amazing start and beautiful play at home, is having a hard time keeping up, with their young players," Ron Darling told Sporting News. "I think the Mets and Philadelphia have inherent problems that they're trying to overcome, that's going to make it difficult to stay up with the Nationals and the Braves."Darling, of course, knows this division well. The former All-Star pitcher has been a Mets analyst with SNY for the past nine years, and he's about to kick off another year as a national TBS analyst. Sunday brings the season's first TBS broadcast, when Darling joins Ernie Johnson and夜网论坛 Cal Ripken for the New York Yankees-Minnesota Twins game at 2 p.m. ET.The Mets and Phillies share territory near the division cellar, and neither has a realistic chance o[......]

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