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Madden 21 The Yard locations: Rules, how to unlock & more

By xa1
  • Night net E-Sports Now that Madden 21 is out, many gamers will want to try out The Yard, a new arcade-style game mode in Madden.The Yard is an interesting addition to Madden which allows you to play an Night net Street style of game. While it's not quite as crazy as Night net Street was, you can do things in The Yard such as multiple passes, snap the ball to any position and play on both sides of the ball.  When you first open up The Yard, you'll notice two locations right away: Lambeau Tailgate and F.O.B. Nico. There are four locations in total, though. The hidden locations are Miami Port and Brandenburg Festival. We'll explain why those are hidden later.MORE: How to scramble with your QB in The Yard Madden 21 The Yard LocationsLambeau Tailgate​Events​RulesF.O.B. Nico​EventsRulesMiami Port​How to unlockEventsRulesBrandenburg Festival​How to unlockEventsRulesMadden 21 has four locations in The Yard at launch. Although EA Sports has promised more locations in the future.From EA Sports:Each one of these locations has unique challenges that you can take on. For instance, at F.O.B. Nico you will take on single drive drills with changing field position, or in Miami you will face first-and-goal situations. These locations may also change the duration of the Pass Rush Timer. In the future, who knows what rules we will come up wit[......]

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